January, 2021St Joseph’s Church, Marysvilleby Mel Lindstrom

I shot these images in late November, in Marysville CA. Marysville is a small town, north of Sacramento, that I have fallen in love with. It was almost chosen as the state capitol. And was once a destination for politicians and B&W film stars. The people are down to earth and friendly, and the hamlet is surrounded by two rivers and farmlands.  It’s America at its best. IMHO

St Joseph’s Church was built 165 years ago, making it one of the oldest churches, (not including missions), in California. Renovations were completed in early November, including an all new steeple.  Because the final project is so beautiful, and as a donation to the town and church, I shot images at various angles, various times of day, and using various techniques.

As I understand it, the shots have been the most shared images on the Marysville Facebook page.








Here is an image of the original church.


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  1. DaShonda L Medina

    Hi, your work is beautiful. I am currently reworking our bulletin and web page. May I use a photo out of your collection in our bulletin and website?


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