February, 2021Exercising The Eyeby Mel Lindstrom

Years ago, I used to grab my camera and go out in the early mornings or late afternoons with a friend of mine, Ron Shirley. We might go to the mountains or ocean, or we might go to the inner city. We would make the trips to do what we referred to as “Exercising the Eye”.  Which basically meant that we did not set out to capture any particular image, only to look for the beauty in the world and see how to photograph it in our own style.

What was so interesting about these jaunts is that Ron and I could be at the same place, the same time, even using the same camera and lenses, but come up with totally different images. Through these exercises, Ron taught me to look at things differently. Hopefully it had a similar result for him.

These days, with the ease of use and wonderful quality of the phone cameras, it’s much simpler to try to bring a scene to life. in the hopes that others may share in what I saw.  My buddy Ron, ( A talented and technically excellent photographer), passed away a year ago.  But I will keep with me the memories of our adventures, and what we learned from each other. And I will continue to practice and use the insights gained from “Exercising the Eye”.

That being said, here are a few, very recent images that were shots while I was just out on the road, on an adventure with the kids, or just walking the local streets.









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