January, 2021Detention Centerby Mel Lindstrom

Located about 6 miles south of Marysville, Ca, the Arboga Assembly Center Memorial was a WWll Japanese detention campsite. The original center opened on May 8, 1942, holding 2,465 Americans of Japanese descend before its closing on June 29. The inmates then were transferred to the more permanent and isolated interment camp at Tule Lake. Many Japanese-Americans never recovered their belongings or reconnected with their families. And most lost their livelihood and had to start over. I like to look at the bright side of things, and hope we have learned form history. Unfortunately, I see many similarities in what is happening in the world today, as people become socially prosecuted, shunned and canceled, simply because of their race, religion or even political beliefs.
I set out to share these shots with the hope of capturing the moving effect it has had on me. The video was entirely shot with a drone, and I believe that the imperfect movements helped to reflect the emotional impact of the site. I chose to give the photographs an aged and tactile feel, emphasizing their historical significance. I plan to capture a fuller rendition of this experience once the memorial is completed later in 2021.

The site was very moving to me. So I tried to delve into what I experienced and express the same emotions in the video and shots that I felt when viewing the site and recalling it’s history. The video was entirely shot with a drone.  All of te images were worked to try and give them a more aged, tactile feel.


For more information on the site. check this link: http://www.militarymuseum.org/MarysvilleAssyCtr.html









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