The Crew


The San Francisco studio in located in the heart of the SOMA district. Which has become quite gentrified over the years.

Construction began on a large condo project right across the street. Trucks were parked in front of the studio on a daily bases. Slowing traffic on the street. Blocking entrance to the load-in. Putting ever shoot behind schedule.  It was futile to  steam in anger or try to take out my frustrations on a huge construction firm that obviously had more pull with the city than I had. Instead a decision was made to create friends with the crew themselves.  After a few days of after hours beer and sandwiches, they relaxed enough to stand in front of the camera.  Spending time socializing the with crew turned out to be a very wise move. We never had another problem with trucks or earth moving equipment interrupting our shoots. It was also a nice treat to be greeted each morning as I pulled into the studio.