San Quentin




After being hired to shoot images of San Quentin Chaplain, Father Barber, I realized I had a unique opportunity. To be allowed inside the walls of San Quentin Prison.  OK, I guess a lot of men get INSIDE the walls. The unique part is being able to walk right out easily.

Even though I was handed a list of restrictions, from what to wear to what I could or could not converse about, I had to take the chance and push the boundaries that were set before me.  While the correctional officers were preoccupied, I had an assistant set up lighting in a hallway off of the entrance to “Condemned Row”.  After building trust with a handful of inmates, I hurriedly rushed them over to that set for some quick portraits.  I sent them each a print of themselves as a Christmas present.

The stories that came out of that one day will be forever etched into my mind.