Law Foundation


Every year for several years now, I am ask to shoot Pro Bono work for an organization in San Jose known as The Law Foundation.  The Law Foundation provides legal services to countless people in need. The folks they have help range from small children with no documentation and no family, to octogenarians with overburdening medical issues.  Every time I shoot for them and come face to face with the personalities that the Law Foundation has aided, my heart goes out to them. In one particular instance, a man with deep mental and emotional issues wasn’t too comfortable being in front of the camera. In fact, he refused to be shot. I brought him into another room where we could chat and become friends. We were in their for quite a while before I could even making an attempt to move him into his seat.  However, in that time, we did build a relationship, and I felt very close to this unique, yet troubled man. That’s why my heart broke a few weeks later when I heard he had ended his life.  So for him, and the many others like him, I hope to continue working with the Law Foundation for many years.