December, 2016San Benito Houseby Mel Lindstrom

Yum. The tasty side of commercial shoots.

Below are some images from a location project we shot at a flavorful Ale House in Half Moon Bay known as the San Benito House.  It’s also well known as a colorful Bed and Breakfast place.  I first became familiar with the San Benito House quite a few years ago when I needed a hide away to write some poetry and do some inner reflection.  The San Benito House was perfect because it is so close to several great areas for contemplative walks on the beach. As well as the comfortable rooms an idyllic small coastal town.

Recently, (which is years after my frequent jaunts there), a good friend of mine was working on their website and needed some great new photo’s. I discovered the new owners were actually great clients of mine from other projects. Now I can even more enthusiastically recommend the place to anyone who is looking for a unique escape, or just some hardy food and drinks.

blog9c_1 blog9c_2

You can tell when you first walk into the pub, that it’s got an enticing atmosphere for eating and drinking. I mean who doesn’t love to get into a stare down with a rams head after shooting a few tequilas?


blog9c_3 blog9c_4

Yes, I did get pretty stuffed trying out all of the wonderful meals.  And yes, I did have to try them all. How can anyone resist when they place such edible, freshly cooked treats right in front of you?  Besides, there were times that the food arrangements were just not perfect, so a new plate needed to be prepared.  I couldn’t let that food go to waste. Could I?


blog9c_5 blog9c_6

While we there, we did some beer shots.  Well, allow me to rephrase that: we took some photo’s of beer.  They have a large selection of beers on tap.  The shots we did were more along the lines of whiskey and tequila.


blog9c_7Great place.  Go for an afternoon or evening when you can.  Tell them Mel the photographer sent you. They’ll probably laugh and say, “so?”  But next time I go in there I can say they owe me a beer for sending people their way.


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  1. Dedicated servers

    The San Benito House Bar features craft beer, specialty cocktails, the best burgers and BBQ on the Coast and live music. While the Bar is located within one of the oldest buildings in Half Moon Bay, the atmosphere is fun, and the service is warm and friendly.


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