March, 2016Netflix Behind The Scenesby Mel Lindstrom

BlogFrameNetFlix_1BlogFrameNetFlix_2BlogFrameNetFlix_3BlogFrameNetFlix_4Working with kids is always fun and exciting. It requires that I put myself in a much different place than when working with adult models or shooting portraits of CEO’s.  I need to get in touch with the child in myself. That’s ok with me. It helps me to feel alive and young again. Certainly, having an autistic son has given me insight into how differently each child’s mind works. So getting an instant read on the personality of each child I am shooting and than catering to that unique personality, requires an energy shift.

Sometimes, when no one is looking, I walk out of the room and make certain movements with my body to spike the intensity in my own perceptiveness. Most of the time it works.  When it doesn’t, I try to find another way, until I finally reach that level where I can communicate with the kids and pull out of them what we are looking for for the shot.

At the end of the day, I need a drink, or go for a workout, or take a nap. Or all of the above.  But it certainly does make for a fun day.


We got countless great shots form this shoot.  This was a good one for the website.



BlogFrameNetFlix_6There is no such thing as a successful shoot without a great crew. Jan Lehnhardt is a wonderful Make-Up artist. We have been working together for years. She has a way of working with make-up and hair that makes it look natural, which was perfect for this shoot.

Other important assistance was at work in the kitchen, making certain we had quality food for the shots. As well as for the models and crew to eat.


Another great image for the website and internet marketing



BlogFrameNetFlix_8 BlogFrameNetFlix_9 BlogFrameNetFlix_10BlogFrameNetFlix_11Getting back to my Still Life roots.
Instead of strobes, (which I might normally use for still shoots), I worked with Flolight LED and Fluorescent lighting.  I wanted everything to look as natural as possible. When working with flash, especially with daylight coming in through large windows, you can capture a double image, or a ghost blur.  But when working with a continuous light source, you won’t get the problem. The lighting will look more natural. Even for still life shots. I am lucky to have a great working relationship with the manufacture of these lights.





Just a couple of the final Still Life shots for Netflix.


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