April, 20163D Printed Carby Mel Lindstrom

There are exciting times in my career when I am given the incredible opportunity shoot exceptionally cool things. Like the first 3D printed car, the Blade.
Zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds. That’s what they tell me. Sadly, they didn’t let me drive it. But I did get to shoot some amazing photo’s of it.
Only 1400 pounds. Crazy light. Crazy fast. Crazy cool.
It’s already been shown all over the world. But before they toured it to the awed spectators, they needed some phenomenal shots.  So thanks to Donna Michaels at Neon Scoop, I was given this very envious project.

If you want to read more about the car, check out this TIME magazine article: http://time.com/3939488/3d-printed-supercar-blade-divergent-san-francisco/


Sleek and beautiful.  Called the BLADE.



Angle from the rear.  Got it’s own special storage garage.



This was shot looking through the window of the playroom next door to the garage.  Nice mural on the wall. And that IS a streak of sunlight coming through a window and across the playroom wall. Nice luck on that one.



Look how nice the car stands out on the lawn.  Wouldn’t mind this thing in my own yard.  Of course, I wouldn’t mind it if this WAS my yard.  And my garage. And my car.



This is Kevin Czinger.  CEO and co-founder of Coda Automotive.  Proudly sitting in his latest venture.



The other guys at Divergent Microfactories.



Some guys have all the fun. Here is Kevin with his wife, showing off his super strength.



Kevin, explaining other details to our young model.




Seriously, I want this to be my car.




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